Our letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

Please take action to end America’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis. We need:
  • More section 8 vouchers immediately
  • Build public housing to meet the need
  • Full funding of the National Housing Trust Fund
  • Stop foreclosures

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maria del Rosario Alba, Alexis, & Janette, San Jose

Ola Obama,

Necesitamos conocerte para poder compartir muchas necesidades.

Wilfred P. Lopez, San Jose

Ashley Diggs, San Jose

Dear Obama,

I would like to start off by saying I am so proud of you. I think you are doing a great job so far! You have a big mess to straighten up, but just hang in there. You will make it happen.

Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 27 years old and I have been homeless off and on for a period of ten years due to losing jobs. What I can say is that section 8 housing has been a great help! I have just been approved for it. I will be moving out of the shelter where I am living in about three weeks! This has just opened a door for me to be able to go back to college and go to medical school. By the way, my new apartment is right down the street from my college.

Well, to get to the point, I hope you can give more funding to section 8 housing to help more people like me!

Maria Redmond, San Jose

I need section 8 or low-income housing. I can't survive with children in the tough economic time we are having.

Ramona Gonzalez, San Jose

Teofilo Reyes, San Jose

There are plenty of needy people in Santa Clara County, especially the homeless like me. Please help. Thank you.

Luz Elena Godoy, San Jose

Cucho Thi, San Jose

I live in my car, I have no money for housing. Before, I lived in a room on Aborn. I have a seven year-old son and my husband who is disabled. I have a problem with the police because I don't have money for insurance and registration. I pray every day that they don't take my car away from me.

Jose de Jesus Briseno, Santa Clara, CA

Christopher K. Lewis & Christopher Jr., San Jose

More extremely low-income housing and help for homelessness. Help everybody no matter what their background is. No discrimination.

Leticia Blanco, San Jose

Pues con la economia en que estamos, me quedo sin trabajo. Necesitamos mas trabajo.

John Milkovich, San Jose

Why are they giving billions of dollars to corporations, but yet cutting food, housing, and medical for the poor?

Yolanda Vasquez, San Jose

The state of California is in critical need of funding for homeless and low-income housing needs.

Jose Gonzalez, San Jose

Le agradecemos su ayuda por favor para mas vivienda y comida. God bless you.

Rosemary Martin, San Jose

Harold Fleming, San Jose

I have been out of work for two years and I am living in the street with nothing.

John Deleong, San Jose

We need more subsidized housing.

Patricia Solis, San Jose

The pay I receive is not enough to cover the rent, so I need to get food and clothing at places like Sacred Heart. We need more resources in the community. Thank you sincerely.

Lorraine Arevalo, San Jose

Keep up the good work!

David Pacheco, San Jose

Se necesita mas ayuda por favor.

Evelynne S. Masten & Amy Samuelson, San Jose

We need lots of help!!

Mona Gorum, San Jose

Damaris Giron, San Jose

Dios lo ha puesto a gobernar esta nacion para buenos cambios. Ayudenos, confiamos mucho en usted. Le deseo exito en los propositos que tenga en bien de esta nacion

Louie Sandoval, San Jose

First and foremost, congratulations. You made history. GOD BLESS.

Sir, it saddens me that there are no housing facilities for men with children, and help to educate them in parenthood. If you are interested in ideas please contact me. I will make time to express my ideas to you.

Thank you. GOD BLESS.

P.S. I have you in my prayers. keep up the good work.

Tuyet Bustos, San Jose

Genny Carranza, San Jose

There are a lot of homeless families that are in need of serious help.

Juan Ramirez, San Jose

I am from here but I have been away in Mexico for six months. Now I can't find any work here at all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grace Mendoza, San Jose

Help my household.

Magdaleno Perez, San Jose

Eva Rios, San Jose

Que por favor ayude con cobiendas y que no quite el MediCal.

Ronda Enriquez, San Jose

Low-income people need a lot more housing, not condos that we can't afford.

Donna Jean Hinck, San Jose

Dearest President,

Our community really can use your help. I have lived here all my life and I really need to find a JOB. I type 50 wpm, have office skills and 15-20 years experience, but I am 48 years old. Please help ME find a JOB. Thank you.

Gregory R. Sanchez, San Jose

Dear Mr. Obama, Mr. President,

Yes you have a great amount of catching up to do. And we the people have great concerns: what is in all of our best interest, and the planet's well-being. Not wars that are life-destroying for both men and women

Amy Bravo, San Jose

I lost my nursing job and now I cannot afford housing. I am currently homeless and do not qualify for any assistance.

Salvador Bustamante, San Jose

Maria Garcia, San Jose

People are graduating from college or the university and they do not have a social security number to find a better job. Please help people be able to work by ensuring that they can get social security numbers.

Thank you very much for your help!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Angel Luna, San Jose

We need an immigration reform, Mr. President Obama.

Adelina Cabrera, San Jose

Necesitamos ayuda. Apoyenos por favor. Pues nosotros vivimos en muy malas condiciones. Muchas gracias por escucharnos.

Karon Lambert, San Jose

My husband and I just lost our home. I had become disabled after a fourth back surgery and was not able to return to work. My husband was downsized. I went to the section 8 department and was told the waiting list is ten years and they are not accepting any applications. I went to social services and was told we were not eligible because I made about $100 over the limit.

We live in SILICON VALLEY and $1100 a month does not cut it! California is being left by the wayside. Take a good look around and see the suffering of those that followed the rules (went to school, went to work, and paid taxes). And also take a look at all the immigrants that are here and receiving the resources we put our hard earned money into. Take a look at your average person.

Yiiella Ayala, San Jose

Mildred Rodriguez, Gilroy, CA

I need housing really bad. I have been in the streets for years and I need a decent place to live. Thank you.

Hector Garcia, San Jose

Robert Crawley, San Jose

People are in need of basics. Survival is tough. There are too many homeless who need mental health care. Please send aid! Thank you.

Joy Fernandez, San Jose

Latoya Mitchell, Neanna, & Tius, San Jose

Dear President Obama,

We are in need of various day to day things to survive, such as shelters, food, and help with the electric bill. Please help us make our life better.

Benny Gallego, San Jose

I would very much appreciate if you could help with these issues. Thank you.

P.S. You are doing a good job.

Elvia Reynoso, San Jose

I have been waiting for my housing for more than ten years. They sent my first voucher to my old address, so I had to reapply. I am still in the process of waiting for my voucher. Please help out the housing situation. I feel you are a great president and have made so many changes for our country. We are all blessed.

God bless you. Thank you.

Love, Elvia R.

Griselda Osuna, San Jose

Sarah Jordan, Sunnyvale, CA

Please stop building shopping malls and parking structures. We need more affordable living for our families! Thank you.

Daniella Navarette & David Poole, San Jose

A country with an abundance of wealth should not have an abundance of impoverished people. All humans deserve to have their basic needs fulfilled. Yes to public housing!
We have the power to make change. Help our country take another step forward.

Carmen Gutierrez, San Jose

Por favor a bajar los precios de las casas. Los bancos ponen mucho interes. Los aprecio a todos que trabajan en estos problemas Dios les ayude mas. Yo estoy perdiendo mi casa y por esta razon no me hicieron cuando yo les pedi. Yo no se ahora a donde voy a vivir.

Patricia Kulty, Campbell, CA

This housing "thing" has left me and my daughter homeless for six months!

Elizabeth Ramirez Juarez & Karyn, San Jose

Jocelyn R. D. Hernandez, San Jose

I need housing just to survive in this expensive area.

Anita Miles, San Jose

Section 8 vouchers would greatly improve the quality of life for myself and my three children.

Carlos Sanchez, San Jose

More mobile home parks with affordable prices.

Frank Xavier Michel Alvarez, San Jose

We need section 8 housing.

We do NOT need more parking lots.

We need libraries, community centers, and art schools.

Cassandra Perry, San Jose

Juanita Bates, San Jose

Our homeless and seniors need help, not cuts! I am a home care provider!

Mayra Choza, San Jose

Yo necesito ayuda para vivienda o que bajen las rentas.

Vladamir Kurugev, San Jose

Eduardo Manuel, Sandra Mendoza, & Giovanni, San Jose

Necesitamos que nos ayude por favor a todos los de su estado.

Jim W. Finley, San Jose, CA

Destiny J. Roberts, San Jose

I have been on the section 8 list for the last four years and my number is 25,984. I lost my job and it is hard to find work. I need any kind of help, with the budget being cut and services being discontinued.

Juana Juarez, San Jose

Maura Hernandez, Regina Martinez & Magdalena, San Jose

I think the housing situation is drastically in need of change. More funding is needed. It is a serious issue that needs help.

Lourdes Reyes, San Jose

Delfino Basurto, San Jose

Juanita Chavez, San Jose

Please open up the section 8 housing program. All the layoffs and and the unemployment line is so terrible. Please. If you can't open up the housing, what is happening to our country? I have two daughters in a shelter right now due to lack of funds and housing not opening. Please help this world.

Jessica Sanchez, San Jose

Brandi L. Dutton, San Jose

Betsy Preciado, San Jose

Sofia Bermudez, Castroville, CA

Please help us in getting more low-income housing.

Mario Camdel, San Jose

Maria Gorman, Salinas, CA

Patricia Santiago, San Jose

Please do something about housing and many other issues affecting our country.